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Climate Change Data Dumped

More light on the climate change fraud:

SCIENTISTS at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.

It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years.


This is a major blow to the religion of global warming.

I wonder how deep the fraud goes?

Congratulations to the scientists who have been skeptical of the politically driven “consensus.”

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Democrats’ Policies Stifle Job Creation

Liberal health care and climate agenda counterproductive in creating jobs.

While President Obama and congressional leaders say they would like to do more to spur job creation, economists and business executives warn that their plans to impose new health care and climate-change costs on corporations would have the opposite effect.

The initiatives, according to this analysis, are likely to overwhelm any positive impact on jobs from stimulus measures by giving businesses a reason to keep laying people off.


The solution isn’t higher taxes and more government programs. The government must cut taxes and regulations that allow consumers to spend and businesses to respond to the demand with expanding and hiring.

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Happy Thanksgiving

For the liberals who still believe in global warming, I hope you are monitoring the temperature of that turkey in the oven more honestly and accurately than the way you monitor global temperatures!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Usually, we see the War on Christmas this time of year.  That is where there is much outcry over the word “Christmas.”  We’re supposed to use “Holiday” to be inclusive of all and not to make anyone of any other faith (or of no faith) angry or upset.  But is this about “Christmas” or about Christians?

Right Pundits finds a Best Buy add wishing readers and shoppers Happy Eid al-Adha.

The war on Christmas continues. Here is a picture of the national Best Buy ad inviting folks to celebrate Thanksgiving and . . . Eid al-Adha, which is a Muslim festival of sacrifice. It’s actually a festival that sacrifices of goats in similitude of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son.

Personally, I believe it’s fine for Best Buy to advertise however the company wants to advertise to bring in the most shoppers.  That’s what advertising and retail is all about.  But will we see any nation-wide boycotts due to singling out one religion while ignoring others?  Or, will this just slip under the radar?

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Where to start?  This is all over the web today.  I will just provide the links that I find while surfing.  It does seem as if the curtain has been pulled back, and the Wizard of Oz has been exposed.  (Thank you, Toto!)

Of course, bloggers are out there combing the web for new stuff on this.

Not related to the conspiracy, but Salon had a column on Thursday: Scientists baffled by Global Warming’s time-out.  Well, shucks, if the data has been fixed and the scientists duped, maybe the bafflement will subside.


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Have the beans been spilled on global warming?  Is this even bigger than the Enron phone calls manipulating the energy markets? 

From the New York Times:

“Hundreds of private e-mails and documents hacked from a computer server at a British university are causing a stir among global warming skeptics, who say they show that climate scientists conspired to overstate the case for a human influence on climate change.

“The e-mails, attributed to prominent American and British climate researchers, include discussions of scientific data and whether it should be released, exchanges about how best to combat the arguments of skeptics, and casual comments — in some cases derisive — about specific people known for their skeptical views. Drafts of scientific papers and a photo collage that portrays climate skeptics on an ice floe were also among the hacked data, some of which dates back 13 years.

“In one e-mail exchange, a scientist writes of using a statistical ‘trick’ in a chart illustrating a recent sharp warming trend. In another, a scientist refers to climate skeptics as ‘idiots’.”

You know Dr. Roy Spencer would weigh in on this:

“While it is too early to tell just yet, there seems to be considerable damning evidence that data have been hidden or destroyed to avoid Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) data requests; data have been manipulated in order to get results that best suit the pro-anthropogenic global warming agenda of the IPCC; e-mails that contain incriminating discussions are being deleted. And, on the bright side, we skeptics seem to be quite a thorn in the side of the IPCC.

“In reading these e-mails from the ‘other side’ of the scientific debate I am particularly amazed at the mindset of a few of these scientists. I exchange e-mails with other like-minded (read ‘skeptical’) scientists, as do the IPCC scientists with their peers. But never do I hear of anyone manipulating climate data to achieve a certain end. I must say that I am pleased to see that NCAR scientist Kevin Trenberth admits that it is a ‘travesty’ that no one can explain the lack of global warming in recent years.

“I think there is a good chance that this was an inside job…either a disgruntled employee at CRU, or someone who is simply getting fed up with the politicization of the IPCC’s science and wanted to reveal some of the inner workings of the IPCC process. I’m sure that further revelations will arise in the coming days.”

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The details on this are still sketchy, we’ll probably never know what went on. But it appears that
University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit has been hacked and many many files have been released by the hacker or person unknown.

Also follow the comment thread at Climate Audit.

What does it mean? I’d be careful as this could be a hoax.  Or, it could be the unraveling of the global warming hoax. Too soon to tell, but interesting to note and follow to see if this gains traction.

11.21: Updated story to reflect that it is the East Anglia CRU, not Hadley CRU.

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