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The Think Progress blog goes after the National Review Online for suggesting a harsh approach to dealing with the terrorists at Gitmo.

Step (1): Return all Gitmo detainees to Yemen.

Step (2): Use Predator missiles to strike the baggage-claim area 20 minutes after they arrive.

Just an idea.

Cynical? Of course. Are the bloggers at Think Progress in denial about terrorism? Even President Obama has veered away from campaign rhetoric to deal with the realities of terrorism. From today’s NY Times:

President Obama declared for the first time on Saturday that a branch of Al Qaeda based in Yemen sponsored the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an American passenger jet, and he vowed that those behind the failed attack “will be held to account.”

Do the bloggers at Think Progress believe that Obama’s promise to hold these terrorists “to account” means hugs and flowers or does it mean bombs and bullets? I don’t believe President Obama was being cynical.


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In today’s Cheers and Jeers at Daily Kos, Palin Derangement Syndrome takes front and center stage. While blogger Bill is watching TV, a top liberal intellectual pursuit, whenever he hears “Palin,” he gets mad and changes the channel.

“Welcome to the Today Show. This morning: Sarah Palin’s new book…”


Will Palin Derangement Syndrome be covered under our new government-run health care system?

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There they go again. A blogger at the left-wing blog Think Progress attacks Governor Tim Pawlenty.

Speaking to the Economist recently, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) told reporters that he questions the science underpinning climate change. Pawlenty explained that while the earth might be warming, it is unclear “to what extent that is the result of natural causes.”

Blogger Lee Fang then goes the usual lefty binge with “tea party” this and “tea party” that, followed by some previous quotes by the governor where he made some comments about clean energy and wanting to reduce greenhouse gases.

While Think Progress has been distracted by the “tea parties,” they seem to have missed out on some recent science news.

Habibullo Abdussamatov, the top guy at the space research unit of St. Petersburg’s Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory in Russia, has published a paper that concludes it is the sun’s irradiance that’s the primary factor responsible for earth’s climate variations, not carbon dioxide.

Then there’s this from Leighton Steward:

“Much of the global warming debate has focused on reducing CO2 emissions because it is thought that the greenhouse gas produced mostly from fossil fuels is warming the planet. But Steward, who once believed CO2 caused global warming, is trying to fight that with a mountain of studies and scientific evidence that suggest CO2 is not the cause for warming. What’s more, he says CO2 levels are so low that more, not less, is needed to sustain and expand plant growth.

It seems as if Pawlenty may be the one taking a more open-minded view of current events and listening to what science has to say about climate change.

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Now that they’ve picked their horse, it doesn’t matter if the horse changes direction on them. Even if that means contradicting their Iraq War viewpoint. It’s okay to keep the troops in now.
clipped from www.theleftcoaster.com
Obama moved away from any commitment today on a specific timeline for troop withdrawals from Iraq. He said he may refine his plans after he visits the country next month and consults with the military brass in theater.
But Obama is pegging his policy to what he hears from the commanders on the
ground (like Bush allegedly does), and the regional needs to fight real threats
in Afghanistan and Pakistan.
  blog it

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The extreme left-wing blog Thinkprogress resurrects the failed 2004 John Kerry campaign strategy in the President is indeed behaving like Herbert Hoover. Are they as wrong now as they were then? Lets look a look at how the extreme left-wing flock responds in the comments section:

#5 christopher wiwi Says:
March 16th, 2008 at 11:25 am

High unemploment,inflation,the dollar at or near all time lows and a WAR that is taking this country into a downward spiral and he does nothing.He must drink himself to sleep every night so he can fantasize about a WAR he can never win.

Lets take a look at each of the claims.

High unemployment? Unemployment was 4.8% in February. In the 1930’s, unemployment was over 25%.

High inflation? US Inflation Dwindles to 0%.

The dollar at 1995 levels vs. the Japanese Yen. Whoa. Dollar vs. Yen back to Clinton levels.

In Iraq, the surge is working.

And in the 1930’s, the nation was in a trade war (Smoot-Hawley). Which party wants to eliminate NAFTA and create a trade war all over again?

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The left-wing blog Thinkprogress attempts to assign blame for sexual harassment in the military.

The AP reports that one-third of women in the military and six percent of men said they were sexually harassed, according to the latest Pentagon survey. […]

The blogger then notes:

Officials attributed the increases partly to more aggressive efforts to encourage victims to come forward.

Congratulations to the Bush Administration and the Pentagon for brining attention to this unacceptable behavior.

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Daily Kos blogger “Meteor Blades” announces that he and his wife are going to “personally defund” the Iraq war.

We won’t wait anymore. Since Congress, particularly the congressional leadership, refuses to do so, my wife and I are personally defunding the war and occupation of Iraq. We refuse for the foreseeable future to surrender the portion of our taxes that pays for U.S. imperialism and the militarization which backs it up.

We take this action reluctantly, fully aware of the potential consequences. But Congress leaves us no choice.

Uh-huh. Good luck with the IRS on that, MB.

If you enclose a letter to the IRS with your tax return, by all means include this line from your blog entry:

With the Cheney-Bush cabal openly defying the Geneva Conventions, the Nuremberg Principles, the U.N. Charter and the U.S. Constitution…

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