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The Democrats want to create a universal health care system where everyone has health care. 40 million people are without health care. The Democrats want you to pay for their health care. Health care would be paid for additional fees or premiums by employers and employees. But all those costs eventually end up taking money out of your wallet.

In addition, the Democrats are also talking up the doctor and nursing shortage. Gee, if there aren’t enough medical professionals and we throw 40 million new patients at the system, how will that affect prices? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler?

From the Nursing Blog:

John Edwards brought up the pressing issue of the nursing shortage during the Presidential Debate that was broadcasted on MSNBC this week. He talked about nurses being an important part of the healthcare system – and that the shortage would only get worse in the coming years.

From Medical News Today (August!):

John Edwards says he will take on pharmaceutical and insurance companies in his quest for universal health care. Not only will his plan focus on primary care and the pro-active management of chronic diseases, but also on prevention. He says he needs 100,000 extra nurses over the next five years to make sure his plan works – he will try to get more RNs who have left to come back, as well as upping the numbers who graduate each year.

Uh, John? How are you going to force those who have left to come back or force kids to pick nursing as a career? My guess is that “higher wages” is an answer from The Left on that one; but, I doubt they add that cost to their universal health care projections.

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