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Has anyone noticed the price of gasoline inching up the past few weeks? Without a serious plan to increase domestic energy supply, I fear that much of Obama’s stimulus dollars will flow straight from the government to consumers pockets to the gas pump and ultimately to OPEC.

President Obama has been touting “green energy” but neglecting the reality of what works.  The United States needs to expand domestic energy production.  This means nuclear power for electricity, and oil and natural gas for vehicles.

In the short term, there is something President Obama can do to prevent his stimulus package from going to OPEC.  He can mandate that all new Federal vehicles run on natural gas.  Natural gas is already in our homes and can easily be used to fill up these cars in the garage overnight.  Natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline, and this would also help clean up the air.  Including natural gas vehicles in our vehicle fleet would diversify our energy needs and reduce reliance on foreign oil.

Obama can begin to construct a new generation of nuclear power plants that will power the coming generations of electric cars.   Everyone talks about hybrids and electric vehicles, withour realizing that it will take a significant expansion in our ability to produce electricity to provide power for the batteries.  These new nuclear power plants can replace the polluting coal powered plants that we use today.

While everyone hopes that the stimulus package will jump-start the economy and help consumers cope with expenses, it’d be a shame to see this money end up in the pockets of OPEC.

Write your representatives.  Write the President.   Be loud.   We can’t ignore energy, or it will come back and bite us in the rear end yet again.


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